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As we continue to move the needle, evolve, and grow as an organization committed to helping more and more military spouses land quality remote work opportunities, we know you have plenty of questions. 

So, today, we’ve got the answers to your top Instant Teams inquiries!

Q: What is your most important piece of advice for newbies?

A: Know your worth! We can't help you unless you know how you want to be helped. Unfortunately, the common "I just need a job" doesn't empower us to empower you! We need all the grit and hustle broken down so we know how to best match you with a customer team. That said, we always encourage you to hone in on what skills you have and what types of roles you believe you’ll offer the most value and exceed in.

On that same point, keep the three key industries we focus on in mind: Administrative, Marketing, or Customer Success. Craft your profile in a way that illustrates how you fall into any of these three pillars. To unpack this a bit more, we’ve put together a few blog posts on partnerships and resources (click here and here) that help you level-up and get the support you need to create a winning profile that gets you a remote job.

Q: How long is this process going to take? I’ve created a profile - now what?

A: This is a big one! We’ve put a lot of time and effort into what we’re creating to fix that. It’s two-fold. One, we’re building teams as fast as the customers are coming to us. That also ties into one of the inspirations behind creating the customer referral program! We know the community needs military-friendly employment options. It’s why we do what we do every day. We’re working hard to scale to provide technology and support to our customers and feed that need from within the community. We also have a strong and dedicated internal sales team working day in and day out to find the very best customers!

The short answer is - it’s challenging for us to determine how long it will take. We know it’s frustrating. So, we’re also working hard to develop a candidate dashboard. You’ve seen ARTI, our proprietary technology, and the next phase going into 2021 is focused on YOU—the candidate and your journey so you can get more real-time updates and check-in on your status along the way. 

In the meantime, our ARTI technology is making matches for our customers. As long as your profile is active, and you match the desires and skillsets to the type of team we’re building, you’ll filter through as a candidate for our customers. 

Q: How long does it take to place someone? I've been considered for about 5 different positions over the course of 3 or 4 months, and none of them resulted in work.

A: Great question! Being that you've popped up as a candidate several times means you really rock, first of all. To create the best-matched teams, we first have to reach out to a batch of candidates within our talent community. So, for every position, we reach out to 3-4 possible matches. For those considered candidates who don't make it to the introview with a customer, often times, it might be available work hour conflict, experience or skill set didn’t perfectly align with the customer's expectations. Several other data points go into the final selections for each role. 

Q: Once I’m selected or contacted for being a possible candidate for a job, what does the hiring process look like?

A: Our process moves very, very fast. Our value add is that our customers come to us, and we build their remote team within five days. So, once we’ve contacted you, the team is ready to go! If it’s a smaller account, you’ll have the opportunity to do an introview (a get-to-know-you conversation) with the customer. And, we also handle all onboarding and training within Instant Teams' systems and processes. 

Q: Can you give me some examples of what industries you work with?

A: We have a very diverse customer base, which is awesome because we have a very diverse community! The way that we keep that in control is by focusing on those three groups: Customer Success, Marketing, and Admin. Customer Success is the top focus of ours because we continue to see high-growth companies releasing new products, and they need really diverse, quick-thinking people who can understand the product and provide support. 

The customers themselves, however, range from tech startups to cybersecurity, education, health care, and so much more. 

Q: For those of you working from overseas stations, how was the process of getting hired and working? Harder because of the time difference? About the same? Insights?

A: We have spouses in several OCONUS locations—from Germany to Japan, and Guam. Some of our customers actually seek that out due to the ability to have 24/7 customer care and customer service opportunities. Otherwise, it really depends on the specific role. Often, writing or content development positions that don't require a synchronous schedule are just fine OCONUS. Roles that require more real-time, daily work aren't usually matched outside of a customer's requested time zone. It's all dependent on the role and customer.

Q: What’s the working relationship dynamic like with your other team members?

A: From a remote work perspective, this can really differ per customer/remote team relationship. At Instant Teams, we’re grounded in Mindful Communication policies that layout best practices for communications in daily workflow. Team dynamics live and breathe within how communication is supported and encouraged on teams.

Q: What are some things you’ve learned you need or need to do to be successful on a remote team?

A: Communication, staying focused, and being organized! Don’t be afraid to speak up (or type up) and ask questions.

Q: Is Instant Teams paid? What’s going on here? 

A: We have a business model in which we build and handle the continued management of remote teams for our customers. We’re not headhunters, recruiters, or doing one-on-one hand-offs of talent.  A customer comes to us with the qualifications of the team needs they’re looking to scale with, and we utilize our own proprietary technology to build and manage teams of  military-connected professionals to fit the need. 

Q: How can we apply to work for Instant Teams directly?

A: As we grow, we use our own service! We work how our customers work. If there’s a specialized role, we may announce it externally. Right now, however, we have a core team of about 28 team members. When we are ready to hire internally, we go to our system and look for those candidates the same way we would for our customers. 

Have additional questions you need answered? Send us a message! Or, if you’re ready to go remote with the insights we’ve shared today, create or update your profile now. 

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