“[Instant Teams] was a great place to get my feet wet on hiring my first team member because it was so easy. I told them what I needed, they did all the work and found the perfect person.”

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We’re extremely dedicated to assembling the best remote teams for our customers and making the best matches for our remote professionals. And we’ve got the stories to prove it. 

Meet Instant Teams customer Jaime Chapman, Founder & CEO of Begin Within—a career consulting firm that launches high-performers and rising stars to their career peak. She’s a fellow military spouse and former service member of the U.S. Army. And because of the work her team does, Begin Within was named the #1 Overall Military Spouse Owned Business at the 2019 MVC Choice Awards in Washington, D.C. 

Read on for her remote team success story: 

How did you hear about Instant Teams?

I heard about Instant Teams back when it was MadSkills because I was researching remote employment opportunities for military spouses who want to work from home. When I found them, I thought, “Wow, this is really cool.”

What motivated you to reach out and add a remote team member to the mix?

I was motivated to add a remote team member because I desperately needed help. I was a one-man show and didn’t have time to do “all the things” in the business anymore and had backslid on creating content, writing articles, and social media.

What’s your experience been like working with Instant Teams?

Working with Instant Teams has been great and works on all the boring/hard stuff behind the scenes. Most importantly, they blessed me with the force that is Tara, the perfect fit. I needed someone experienced who could hit the ground running out of the gate and shoulder the social media burden for me, and she’s done exactly that. 

What do you appreciate most about your Instant Teams hire? 

Tara’s personality is the opposite of mine. I’m more conservative, and she’s all the fun. I didn’t realize how boring my company was on social media until Tara came along and started to spice things up and grow our following. Plus, the coolest thing about Tara is that I can trust her to “take care of it” and she’s reliable to a fault. 

How is your remote team member helping your business? 

Admittedly, when Tara came on board, my directives sounded like, “Post something on Facebook every day.” I honestly had no idea how to create content or lead a social media manager. Tara was bumbling around in the dark trying to summon a brand voice for Begin Within out of thin air. After bringing her on board, I took the initiative to learn about social media and content creation. Together, we’ve learned a lot, synergized and I’ve become a much better leader for bringing her on board. 

What would you tell someone who's thinking about building a remote team through Instant Teams?

If you are thinking about hiring a team and feel overwhelmed, look into Instant Teams. It was a great place to get my feet wet on hiring my first team member because it was so easy. I told them what I needed, they did all the work and found the perfect person. 

A huge thank you to Jaime Chapman, Begin Within Founder & CEO, for her feedback and continued support of Instant Teams talent!

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