HONOLULU, HI, YORKTOWN, VA, & AUSTIN, TX — Instant Teams and MilSpo Academy have announced today the official unification of MilSpo Academy’s career and skill training programs under Instant Teams. Now known as Instant Teams Academy, their missions and visions for remote career development and remote work opportunities will be unified by offerings of robust reskilling/skill training, paid internships, remote community experience, and remote work opportunities for the military-connected community.

MilSpo Academy, founded in 2019 by the Sheriff family, has quickly refined what modern skill training means to the military spouse community. By structuring their first remote-centric skill training programs in Business Development and Digital Marketing, aligning with MyCAA programming, and trialing various successful pilot programs with Instant Teams over the past 12 months, it was quickly apparent the opportunity to scale and grow these programs for optimum community impact was best done under the Instant Teams brand.

“Instant Teams has been our most important partner since Day 1 of our journey. They believed in our identified career opportunities for spouses and have always been a strong endorser of our boot camps. We could not be more excited to bring our experience and expertise to the Instant Teams organization and assist them in creating one of the most important military spouse career accelerators in the industry,” said Bob Sherriff, founder and CEO of MilSpo Academy.

Liza Rodewald, founder and CEO of Instant Teams, also commented that, “We set out this year to create a full circle workforce development solution for military spouses tied directly to outcomes of remote employment. MilSpo Academy focused on high-impact training opportunities such as Business Development Representatives and Digital Marketing which fit perfectly in the Customer Success and Marketing teams we build for customers daily. We knew together we had an amazing opportunity at Instant Teams to fuse together skill training, workforce development and remote employment in one end to end seamless solution unlike anything currently available to the military-connected community.”

For more information about the new Instant Teams Academy: 

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About Instant Teams:
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Instant Teams utilizes Arti, a proprietary remote team software, to build and manage teams of highly-skilled military spouses, a previously untapped resource. Instant Teams works with companies in diverse sectors such as cybersecurity, health tech, ed tech, and e-commerce to efficiently source, hire, onboard, manage, and retain a strong remote workforce, providing flexibility and opportunity for both customers and team members.


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