You know the saying, “If you can dream it, you can achieve it”? 

Well, if you’ve been dreaming about upskilling so you can fill up your career cup as a military spouse, this blog post has your name written all over it.  

One of our trusted community partners, The Paradigm Switch, is seriously passionate about helping you achieve your ambitious career dreams. 

And to do just that, TPS offers inspiration, collaboration, relationship building, and direct access to its four program offerings—Network, Switch, Launch, and Elevate—for every military spouse around the globe. That way, you can unlock the clarity and focus you need to build a digital career, grab hold of the in-demand skills that resonate in our technology-driven economy, and learn the secrets to stay competitive in the remote work space.

Best of all, we’ve seen firsthand just how much of an impact TPS has on its community members. Katie, military spouse and Marketing Manager here at Instant Teams, is one of the organization’s scholarship recipients for the extensive GreenFig Digital Marketing Science Program (made available through the TPS digital bootcamp course, Launch). 

She’s now certified in Digital Marketing. (You go, Katie!) So, with this awesome experience under her belt, she sat down with Justine Evirs, TPS President & Founder, to give you the inside scoop into how you can achieve the same! 

First thing’s first, you might be thinking:

“I don’t even have a digital marketing background. But I know it’s easily one of the most in-demand careers. Is a scholarship for GreenFig’s program even possible for me?”

The short answer? Yes. TPS empowers you to switch-up and get the career you want. You’re more than capable of doing just that. You’re a milspouse after all, which means you’re resilient and adaptable.

Going back to Katie, her career experiences have been a blend of jobs in the creative space over the last 15 years. Working in journalism, graphic design, photography, and now, marketing has given her a comprehensive background in the digital marketing arena. 

On the other hand, she was never formally taught digital marketing. So the syllabus proved to be perfect not only for her, but also those in her class who’d never worked in a marketing or creator capacity. How? Because there’s not a lot of formal training on the topic. It’s fairly new. Therefore, it’s something many don’t know enough about. But if you want to take your career and skillset to the next level, you should!

Now, what was the GreenFig Digital Marketing program really like?

Before we dive in, it’s essential we call attention to the fact that through the TPS digital bootcamp, Launch, military spouses have access to year-round digital literacy courses provided by Google, and monthly courses in email marketing, social media marketing, and content marketing powered by WISE Advise + Assist and DigitalMarketer. All of this is in addition to the GreenFig Digital Marketing program, which is available three times per year.

Katie was very transparent in her conversation with Justine stating she originally thought the Digital Marketing program would be like a college class. You know, you learn and have some homework, but it’s “gravy.” 

In actuality, it’s a lot of extra work, and it’s not easy. GreenFig gives you the in-class theory and information, but they also want you to dig in and figure it out yourself. While Katie explained that it was hard at the time, she appreciates the hands-on experience now.

Why? Because they were preparing her team (made up of fellow hard-working milspouses) for this giant project they were working on throughout the course. You won’t have all the information up front, and you’ll have to go to the client to get it. It’s a real-world scenario. 

But, again, you have the support of your team to achieve the end goal. And the milspouses who’ve been earning scholarships to GreenFig have been rocking it, all while blowing the organization away! (That comes as no surprise to us, of course, because you adapt and grow, and rise to the occasion.)

Ultimately, the GreenFig program offers you the applied learning opportunity you need to level-up your expertise and tech skills to succeed in a remote setting. 

In fact, upon graduating, Katie felt she officially found her passion and was promoted to Marketing Manager at Instant Teams! Not to mention, she now feels like her goal of being a CMO one day down the line is officially in sight. 

Eager to change your career (& life) with a TPS scholarship opportunity?

Here’s how you can get started:

  • Join the TPS network of military spouses for inspiration, collaboration, and relationship-building opportunities you’ve been looking for.
  • Enroll in the self-paced Switch course to unlock the information you need to make career decisions that are tailored for you, your family, and/or your military lifestyle. You’ll leave with a detailed plan outlining the exact skills you need to not only enhance your journey from point A to point B, but also be competitive on platforms like Instant Teams.
  • Move on to the Launch course! Coming September 2019, you’ll discover a baseline of digital skills and year-round programs that will launch a career you can take anywhere in the world.

In the end, as a milspouse, your life probably feels chaotic most days. So by the time you sit down at the computer to do something for yourself and your career, you feel drained of energy and creativity you need to succeed. It’s a vicious cycle. 

Together, The Paradigm Switch and Instant Teams can alleviate the stress and put you on the right path to follow your career dreams. 

Visit TPS to identify your plan so you don’t need to reinvent the wheel. And get a clear focus of the resources available and how to achieve the next step in your career journey. 

Then, once you’ve pushed through the sometimes muddied waters into crystal-clear seas, create (or update) your profile on Instant Teams! It’ll be smooth sailing into a remote career that serves you and your talents—from wherever your military journey takes you.

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